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Sig. Giuseppe Fiore, il fondatore


It was the year 1981.

After a thirty-year experience in the field of paper and articles for the hygiene of the home and of the person matured in the commercial sector, Mr. Giuseppe Fiore decided to found Soffigen® Srl. Ethics, morals, professional correctness, as well as honesty and loyalty towards everyone and especially the final consumer, have been the principles that have characterized his personality throughout his life; principles that are always scrupulously observed in the working life of the company.

Sig. Giovanni Fiore, attule proprietario


Like any self-respecting tradition, the values ​​and the seriousness of the company's founder were passed on to his son, Mr. Giovanni Fiore. Since 2003, with commitment, dedication and love, she has always worked hard for the growth of this significant entrepreneurial reality. All this has been possible thanks to the considerable amount of technological investments made, with the aim of offering the final consumer a top quality product, soft and durable.

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Over the years, Soffigen® has always stood out for its remarkable growth capabilities with the commitment to contribute to preserving the ecosystem. By placing consumer needs at the center, the company uses selected raw materials: among all the pure cellulose; this is the basis of continuous investments in "research and innovation". In support of this eco-sustainable policy, it has activated the LCA procedure, and is going to obtain the Ecolabel and PEFC certifications.

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Since the 80s the company has gained considerable experience in the production of paper napkins. In the 90s, after having achieved considerable success, it has expanded its establishment with the production of toilet paper and paper towels. The daily production boasts several brands, all characterized by excellent quality and softness.

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